We are here to serve
our patients and our community

“My father was one of TGMC’s Founding Physicians and it’s been an honor to follow in his footsteps for the past 52 years as a community-focused physician and pass the torch onto to my four sons and three brothers. I have enjoyed a remarkable career, and I am proud to be part of the dynamic growth of TGMC and Houma.”

— Dr. K. Gerald Haydel, Sr., General Surgeon

Our atmosphere fosters collaboration and encourages strong physician relationships and support. Many of our physicians have generations of family members practicing at TGMC, finding career satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

TGMC cares about our physicians and staff and has an I CARE culture and standards of behavior which lay the foundation for our facility.

I – Integrity C-Communication A - Attitude R – Respect E – Etiquette.

This environment is conveyed by:

  • Cultivating an atmosphere of excellent customer and physician satisfaction
  • Strong physician engagement, communication, enablement and recognition while maintaining high retention rates
  • Paving the way towards excellence though advanced technology, cutting-edge surgical techniques and multiple innovative clinical trials across specialties

We are more than the sum of our technology and state-of-the-art facility; we are the healing hands and compassionate hearts of the entire region.

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